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Frost Modular Systems LLC

Location & Contact:

700 W 41st Ave Ste 101
Anchorage, AK 99503
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Based in Anchorage, AK we understand the need for a reliable platform in which to support our individual methods of carry. We are a privately owned and operated LLC with the means to provide exactly what is needed for our clients. Research & Development began in the third quarter of 2010 and officially launched operations as a Limited Liability Company on the 7th of January, 2011.

Founder and President of the company, Joe Kim.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33 (NIV)

Our Mission...
" to provide Innovative Solutions to meet the needs of our clients' unique realities."

We believe that integrity is the basis in which all relations are built.

Your needs will not be shaped by our product. Our product will be shaped by your needs.


It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, these safety principles should never be compromised...

-Always treat any firearm as if it were loaded

-Never point at anything you do not wish to destroy

-Always be aware of your target's Foreground & Background

-Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire

To properly clear a weapon: keep your finger off the trigger, assure that it is pointed in a safe direction, remove the magazine, rack the slide to clear a possible round in the chamber, visually/physically inspect the chamber to confirm that it is clear.

Should I Carry?

There are many reasons one would choose to arm themselves as they go about their daily life. Focusing on the civilian aspects of carry, it all boils down to the individual choosing not to be a victim. Any other reason should be heavily analyzed prior to the continued use of this privilege. Firearms are never to be used for intimation. That weapon should never be introduced unless you are in fear for your life or that of others ("or that of others" is a whole other story) and you have committed to lethal force. There is NO place for EGOs when that sidearm is in your possession. If you have any interest in carrying a concealed weapon it is your responsibility to understand and abide by the laws in your area. Lastly, are you ready to accept the aftermath of the situation? Even if you are "justified" in a shooting, it is important to prepare for the psychological and legal ramifications.

What Skill sets do I need?

Too often individuals will make their purchase, put a few rounds down range sparingly throughout the year, and trust that if the time comes they'll be ready to defend themselves and their loved ones. Well, if someone were to simply purchase a grand piano, play it just a few times without professional aid, would they be ready for a recital when the "time came?" Of course not! The same logic applies here. If you have made the decision to bear arms it is imperative that you educate yourself in the matter.

Mindset: Perhaps the most important factor of them all. Always be aware of the situation. That does not mean be a paranoid mess; it simply means to be vigilant of your surroundings. The best fight is one that doesn't need to be fought. Again, there is NO place for EGOs here. If it comes down to it and the situation dictates lethal force, you must stay focused and in control of your emotions and demeanor. If you decide to deploy lethal force, COMMIT to it to the end.

Marksmanship: Being able to place a 1" group at 25 yards is certainly an example of quality marksmanship but can this be done with variables in play? Stagnant targets would be a luxury in a crisis situation but are rarely available. You must be able to place good shots down range under the presented situation. You are liable for EVERY round that leaves your weapon. Be aware of your target's surroundings and backdrop (Foreground & Background). Collateral damage is very real and very serious.

Manipulation: Have you ever picked up a weapon and found yourself fiddling with it to operate the safety mechanism, mag release, etc? You must be proficient with your chosen firearm but also have a general understanding of what's out there. Fortunately the principles are similar for the majority of platforms available but it is important to educate yourself. If a reload is required under stress, how efficiently can you execute it? Can you do it one handed if your support hand is injured? Or what if you are required to defend yourself with just your off-hand? Malfunction clearance is also essential to your success if it presence itself. This knowledge along with the ability to manipulate systems other than your own will bear weight in your favor when needed.

How should I Carry?

There are many methods in which one could properly conceal and carry a weapon. As long as the laws are obeyed this is solely personal preference. Is one better than the other? Sure.......for me, you might have a different opinion. Here are just a few popular types:

Inside the Waist (ITW): The firearm is carried inside the pants and usually under a shirt or outer garment.

Outside the waste (OTW): The firearm is carried outside the waist and concealed under an outer garment.

Small of Back (SOB): The firearm is carried in the small of the back at a cant and is concealed under a shirt or outer garment.

Appendix Carry: The firearm is carried inside the pants in between the users centerline and hip, and is concealed under a shirt or outer garment.

Ankle Holster/Rig: The firearm is carried against the reaction side ankle and is concealed under the pant leg.

Why did Frost Modular Systems, LLC choose to use Kydex?

There are many good durable platforms in use today but after years of transitioning from the good old comfortable leather holster to rugged kydex, we found the solution. Leather was very comfortable and did well in keeping the firearm good and clear of holster wear. Many kydex platforms were either too large to practically conceal, or were just shy of "durable enough". When our systems were designed much consideration went into the fact that every bit of gear you choose is a factor in your life support. If your firearm needs a good basis to smack that slide back into battery, your holster or mag pouch will provide that structure. The same goes for the other weapon manipulation scenarios. That is why we chose to run the holster walls at a .093 thickness.

What's the difference between Printing and Brandishing?

Always check with your local laws for the details and bylass associated with concealed carry. "Traditional" Printing would mean that the imprint of your firearm is visible through your garment. ie. If you were to bend over to pick something up and the handle of your firearm created an outline that protruded from your hip. There is no intent in "showing". Brandishing is "typically" when one highlights the fact that they are in possession of a weapon (not just a firearm) with the hopes of intimidation. There are just too many examples to explore, but the bottom line is the weapon doesn't even have to be showing to gesture a threat to another individual. Don't do it! The road rage thing + brandishing usually makes for an interesting traffic stop with guns drawn in your direction.

Do I really need professional training?

Training and guidance are highly recommended if you are looking to carry a firearm. A quality course will help refine your skills in the foundations of Mindset, Marksmanship, and Manipulation. Very much like the scenario of the piano and the recital. Having instruction is always positive reinforcement to the skills that you already possess.

The information provided is solely for the purpose of reference and is not represented for legal / training advice.


Holsters | Magazine Pouches & Accessories | Custom Orders


All Frost Modular Systems products are covered by a lifetime warrantee. Simply Contact us with the item description.

This does not cover asthetic wear from use.

Our products were made to be used!

Custom Orders
We are fully capable of providing custom platforms to fulfill your individual needs. Whether it's to properly conceal a sidearm or comfortably deploy a defensive weapon into the predator filled woods. Holsters, mag pouches, knife sheathes, there are endless avenues of support that we can tailor for you.

Contact us with your requests.

Again all Frost Modular Systems products are covered by a lifetime warantee. Simply contact us with the item description. Other manufactored items may also be serviced but will be subject to service fees.

Turn around Time
Custom Orders: approximately 2-3 weeks

Repairs: approximately 2-3 weeks

These timeframes do not include shipping

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  • Frost Modular Systems LLC - Shopping - Sporting Goods - Dealers -  Photo
  • Frost Modular Systems LLC - Shopping - Sporting Goods - Dealers -  Photo
  • Frost Modular Systems LLC - Shopping - Sporting Goods - Dealers -  Photo
  • Frost Modular Systems LLC - Shopping - Sporting Goods - Dealers -  Photo
  • Frost Modular Systems LLC - Shopping - Sporting Goods - Dealers -  Photo
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