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Fairview Community Council

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Anchorage, AK
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A Dynamic Neighborhood in a Changing City

Older central city neighborhoods are constantly in transition. The greater the dynamism of a city, the more likely the older neighborhoods will rapidly transform, either into a stronger neighborhood that is a good place for people to invest themselves and their resources or into a weaker neighborhood where any investment is questionable. The Fairview Neighborhood of Anchorage is a clear example of an urban neighborhood in transition within the context of a thriving city.

Fortunately, due to the hard work of the Fairview Community Council, with the support of the Municipality of Anchorage, the Federation of Community Councils, the Anchorage Assembly and partner organizations, such as Neighbor Works Anchorage, the transformation over the last decade shows a consistent record of improvement.

The Fairview Community Council,one of Anchorage's original community councils, was created by the Anchorage Assembly through AR 76-82 in 1976. The FVCC has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most effective community councils within the Municipality of Anchorge. In 2006 the Anchorage Assembly honored the Fairview Community Council with an Assembly Resolution recognizing the 30th Anniversary of the Council's founding.

A new Fairview Elementary School, improved streets and traffic flows along Karluk Street and 15th Avenue, upgraded rental properties, new construction of homes and condos, and a rebounding real estate market have combined to re-position Fairview as a revitalizing neighborhood. This outcome has been further supported by new gateway entry signs, improved commercial facilities, and the hands-on hard work of neighborhood leaders, businesses and property owners. Overall, the message has been strong and clear: Fairview is once again a solid choice for buyers and renters seeking good quality housing at very competitive prices in the Anchorage market.

This success should be acknowledged and celebrated. Far too often similar neighborhoods have not been able to reverse the trends of disinvestment. Regrettably, this is also not the time to rest on laurels. The reality is that transition in older neighborhoods is always tenuous; it is critical that local leaders, working with the Community Council, make a conscious decision to reinforce what is working effectively in Fairview and to minimize or even eliminate what could undermine the neighborhood.

The Fairview Community Council, through its Neighborhood Revitalization Committee, is busy writing, with input from residents, property owners and businesses, a Neighborhood Plan that will lay the foundation for a Fairview that celebrates diversity, while balancing future development and a vibrant business community with quality of life. The committee is also taking lead on developing a HUD sanctioned Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy.

Fairview, one of Anchorage's Historic 4 Neighborhoods (the others being Downtown, South Addition and Government Hill), is a rich, vibrant and diverse Neighborhood, where "Everyone Knows Your Name." In Fairvew "People Make The Difference." Please join the dedicated Members of the Fairview Community Council as they build a brighter future for Fairview.

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