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Rodeo Alaska

Location & Contact:

2551 Lyvona Lane
Anchorage, AK 99502
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Bull Riding, Americas most dangerous sport! In competition with such hazardous activities auto racing, ski racing, and sky diving, the title was given to the cowboy sport by the nations top sports writers as number one for sheer danger. The Bull Riding is number one in popularity with rodeo fans too. Since it embodies more outright danger than any other athletic contest the spectator is primed to expect breath-taking action, plenty of courage, skill and old fashioned luck (both good and bad). A bull bucks differently than a horse, so the rider must be prepared for a downward thrust, which could throw him over the animals head. The surprisingly agile bulls, weighing up to a ton, will often spin as they buck. Bull riders with only a flat-braided rope pulled tight around the bull and across the gloved riding hand. The rider uses his free arm and the body to counter the bulls spins and lunges, while holding on and possibly spurring with his feet. Coordination and determination are important for the bull rider, who tries to maintain control and stay upright throughout the eight-second ride. The athletic performance of both cowboy and bull determine the score and the contestants placing in the rodeo.

Breakaway roping is a ladies event in which a rider must rope a steer using any of the three legal head catches. The roper must first give the steer a head start. By failing to do this the roper will be given a ten-second penalty. Once the roper catches the steer she must stop her horse so the rope will breakaway from the saddle horn. The rope is tied on using a string and breaks when the rope gets tight. The field judge will then drop the flag to stop the time. This event is fast and can have times in the 3 second range.

The colorful cowgirls Barrel Race is a full fledged part of the rugged, action-packed sport of rodeo. Fast, exciting and easily understood by the novice fan, the cloverleaf patterned Barrel Race provides a thrilling, feminine contrast to the slam-bang action that characterizes big league rodeo. In Barrel Racing, more than any other rodeo contest, horse and rider coordination are vital to success. Cowboys will often borrow steer wrestling or roping mounts and win. But take a Barrel Racer off her own horse and its a different story. The contest is that exacting and competition is that close. A Barrel horse is a talented, highly coordinated animal athlete and a Barrel Racer with a good horse stands to win as much money as any PRCA cowboy.

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-->TICKETS can be purchased at gate $10.00 Adult $8.00 Military Children 6 and under FREE


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  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
  • Rodeo Alaska - Community & Recreation - Rodeos -  Photo
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