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KRUA 88.1 FM

Location & Contact:

3211 Providence Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99508
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KRUA began transmitting in the spring of 1987 when it was not known as KRUA, but as KMPS. During this time, they borrowed a small transmitter from Augie Hiebert of Northern Television, Inc. The station worked on a small budget and received only $1.50 per student through a student fee.

KMPS was a carrier current station. The signal traveled through telephone lines and could only be heard in specifically targeted places. In this case, KMPS could only be heard in student housing and the campus center. The schedule was sporadic and depended on the school schedules of volunteer DJs . The station tried to air from noon to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but occasionally missed an hour or two.

During the school year of 1989-90, actual proceedings began to create an FM station at UAA. After meetings with the University of Alaska Anchorage journalism and public communications department, local FCC offices, and the Anchorage Associated Broadcasters, Inc., documentation to create a non-commercial, educational station began.

In 1991, KMPS received the approval to move forward with the construction of a tower site for the young station, and 88.1-megahertz was assigned as its frequency. A referendum to increase student fees to $5.25 per student passed by a landslide: this allowed the station to move towards FM status.

On February 14, 1992, at approximately 5 p.m., KRUAs weak signal was suddenly being heard on the Hillside, in Turnagain and around the Anchorage area. REMs Its the End of the World as We Know It was the first song Anchorage listeners heard from KRUA.

In February 2002, KRUA celebrated ten years of FM broadcasting. As KRUA continues to evolve, one element is constant: KRUA volunteers. Our volunteers are a valuable part of KRUA and continue to make KRUA a great station, and an excellent place to work and learn.

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