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Pacific Northern Academy

Location & Contact:

550 Bragaw St
Anchorage, AK
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Pacific Northern Academy

Welcome to Pacific Northern Academy. We hope you find the website an informative and inspirational guide to the academically challenging and socially nurturing programs that delineate the Pacific Northern Academy experience.

Our school is defined by its mission, We educate students to be exceptional learners and independent thinkers of vision, courage, and integrity. Not only do we encourage our students to find their academic passions, but we also expect them to become academic risk-takers, using their thoughtful reflection and their creative talents to solve intriguing and important problems. Most of all it is important for our students to love learning.

Be assured that school does not have to be drudgery to accomplish great things; Pacific Northern Academy is the proof. High level learning in a challenging, supportive, and creative environment is our goal and our promise to you.

We invite you to go beyond our website and to let us welcome you to our campus, located in South Anchorage. Be careful as you walk through our front door; you just might be jostled by one of our students running into school for another day of learning and fun. Our students love coming to school; your child will as well.

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