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Area Wide Towing

Location & Contact:

Anchorage, AK
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From the Anchorage Bowl to the hillside
If you need Area Wide.

If you break down - don't frown
We can take you to any repair shop in town

Lock yourself out - don't pout
We'll get you in, without a doubt

Tire went flat - don't fret that
We'll get it changed, skinny or fat.

Need your car to go very far? we also do long distance towing:
*From Eagle River to Tok
*Parks Highway - Wasilla to Fairbanks
*Seward Highway - Anchorage to Girdwood or Seward
*Sterling Highway - Cooper Landing to Homer

Call for a reasonable quote: 907-337-0193

Accidents & Collisions

We handle all kinds of accidents -

From - "Oops! I'm stuck in my driveway."
to - "Eek!!! I'm rolled over on the highway!"

From - "Whoops! I slid in a ditch!"
to - "Yikes!!! That moose came out of the sticks."

From - "Darn! I have a flat tire."
to - "Holy cow!!! My engine is on fire!"

No accident too large or too small..we do them all.

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement - Our Specialty:

Permit parking only?
Fire lane violators?
Unknown car in an assigned spot?
Tenants in guest parking?
Parking in front of dumpsters?
Blocking your snow removal areas?
Crushing your grass?
Unauthorized vehicles in general?

We Customize to meet your needs. From 24 hour patrol, to call in by authorized persons only. Each account is different. Call to discuss how we can help you.

we are fully insured and carry a million dollar bond. Digital photos of violators, stop nay sayers in their tracks.

Vehicle Removal

Ex-tenant leave their vehicle?
Someone left you an unwanted "present"?
Does it have expired tags?
Are the tires flat?
Did someone break the window(s) out?
Maybe you just don't want that piece of junk.

We can take it away within a day, and get it the heck out of your way!

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